My name is Siriji Lamenzo

I live and work in Oakland, CA.

I've been training since 2009. Growing up, I didn't play on any sports team or pay much attention to my own physical activities. I was very active and spent time skateboarding and snowboarding and in my 20's began rock climbing.

Through these activities, I found peace. These sports were an outlet and an education for me. I was good at them too. I never had a coach, I never trained in a weight room or learned anything about exercise. But, I knew that exercise was vitally important. As I grew and studied more, this became more and more true for me and now for all my clients. Movement is life.

Strength training, sports and creating your own physical culture can be empowering, enlightening and sometimes it's just plain fun to spend an hour or so lifting heavy things and feeling like a badass!

Your Fitness Partner | Siriji Lamenzo

My priority is to help you to be your best!

I will guide and walk with you along your path to better health, strength and longevity. Our time together will focus on mind-body awareness and strength training to....
  • reduce stress
  • increase energy and stamina
  • build total body strength
  • increase mobility and flexibility
  • lose weight
  • reduce fatigue and lethargy
  • increase endurance

Siriji performing decline push up


Movement. Mindset. Mastery.

It is always relevant and important to know who you are. And it's never too late to start this journey. Part of that journey should include physical activity. My role in your journey is to guide, educate and support you in your physical endeavors. Our journey together begins with awareness and strength building.

Think of me as your guide and I will help you find better movement and better understanding of your body,  your mind, and your physical abilities. 


Trust the Process


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