Come get strong with me!


We'll begin with an initial consultation and workout at  Golden State Fitness & Performance in the Montclair neighborhood of Oakland, CA.

Here, we'll discuss your goals and intentions. We'll dive into your expectations  and how we'll begin implementing your training program.

We'll also evaluate your movement patterns using the FMS (Functional Movement Screen). This screen helps us understand how you move right now. I will use the results of the screen in order to formulate your Phase One program.
  ....                         ....                       ....
       What to expect: Training Phases and Your Road Map
       FMS Movement Screening
       Strength and Skill Evaluations
       Phase One: Foundations of strength
       Phase Two: Strength and Hypertrophy
       Phase Three: Power, Speed, Sport or Competition specificity
       Habit Changing Strategies and Basic Nutrition Guidance
       Mindset Guidance and Coaching
       Regular check-ins and re-evaluations on performance and progress

First, we'll build your foundational strength and start moving better!

Each session will consist of:

  • Lots of movement!
  • Mobility and flexibility exercises to improve posture and ROM
  • Resistance exercises in order to build strength
  • Discussions on positive habit building strategies
  • Nutrition check ins and accountability

Together we'll develop your skills in order for you to enjoy a happy, healthy and strong life.

You've taken the most difficult step, the first one, now we can start having fun!