Here are 3 exercises that I believe are great for getting started.

They require no equipment and are great to start building your strength, your body awareness and your endurance.

The Plank

a-bit-of-experimentationAn exercise everyone can do to start building strength, stamina, and control. Start on the floor face down then place your elbows, about shoulder width apart, directly under your shoulders with your palms down, forearms and palms flat on the floor. Tuck your toes underneath your heels, and engage your trunk muscles.

Hold your body straight and stiff as a board, lift off the floor and hold the position. Work on holding this position for as long as you can up to 1 minute.

 The Hip Hinge

IMG_0614Learning to perform a hip hinge correctly is hugely important. We have enormous strength and power in our hips, let’s learn how to harness that power. Think of your body as a door hinge. When it moves, only 1 joint moves.  It’s the same in our hip hinge. Only the hip joint will move.

Start by using a dowel or broomstick for sensory feedback. Hold the dowel against your back with 3 points of contact. Your tailbone, your upper back and the back of your head. Maintain these 3 points of contact throughout the motion. Keep your knees soft, not locked out. Brace and engage your core. Think tight enough that you can’t get pushed over, but not so tight that you can’t breathe.

Begin the movement by pushing your hips backward, your torso will fall forward. Only go as far as you are comfortable with while maintaining your tightness and your 3 points of contact with the dowel. Then push your hips forward by driving your weight into your heels and squeezing your butt to return to your start position.

The Push up


Push ups are my favorite! It’s the best exercise for strength building, core stability and control and it can be done in tons of different ways. Each variation will change it just enough to keep you going back for more no matter what your fitness level.

Start in a full plank, on your hands. With your hands about shoulder width apart, fingers pointing forward, shoulders should be neutral and core braced. Start the movement with your elbows and allow them to bend at a 45 degree angel from your shoulders. Lower your chest to the floor, then press back to your start position maintaining your strong plank the whole time.