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Do you need some motivation?

I think we all need some motivation. Some of us need more than others. I, myself need a lot of motivation to stay active and eat healthy and do all the things that I know will keep me strong and energized.
It doesn’t matter where you get it from, just that you get it. One thing that really motivates me is one of clients in particular. Don’t get me wrong, all of my clients keep me motivated, I love seeing all of them strive and reach their individual health and fitness goals. But, I have one that really strikes it real for me. She’s a 73 year old woman who knows what she wants in her life and goes for it, full force. She’s been working with me for a couple of months now and is already doing all the things that she thought she couldn’t do.
She trains twice a week and comes to my weekly TRX class for more! She never gives up and works harder than most. Yesterday, she held a prone plank with her feet elevated in the TRX for a full 30 seconds! If you’ve ever held a plank, you know that it’s a challenging exercise in itself, and doing it with the TRX is extra challenging. She didn’t think that she’d be able to do it, but I urged her to give it a try and when she did it so beautifully, I was wowed, impressed and so proud!
She’s the perfect example of the simple fact that there’s never a time not to go for something. Never a time not to try and never a time not to make changes. If you’ve ever heard anyone say, or maybe said it yourself, “I’m too old to do that”, well that’s just plain bogus!
My clients motivate me everyday. And if a 73 year old can stay committed and revved up to exercise and be stronger than ever, than so can I and so should you!