click here for video I’ve used myself as a guinea pig since I began my career in fitness. I want to know how things feel. I want to experience all the things that IĀ ask you to do for myself before I ask you to do them. I’ve tried many different modalities, tools, dietary supplements and… Continue Reading

Strength Training and Depression

We’ve all heard it by now. Strength training can help to alleviate and reduce symptoms of depression. Personally, I know that it does. I’m no doctor or psychologist. But, I am a person that has dealt with depression. I’ve been through bouts of depression for many years in many different degrees of seriousness. When I… Continue Reading

I think I’ve figured it out!

What? What have I figured out? Finally, I think I’ve found something that actually works. When we talk about fitness, nutrition, habit building, strength gains, lifestyle changes, mindset shifts, there are a gajillion different ways, different plans, different ideas and a never ending barrage of new research, new formulas, new ways to do things. Each… Continue Reading

Movement. Mindset. Mastery

I’m adopting these words to describe my approach. Why? Because, you can’t master any movement without a healthy dynamic mindset. What most of us don’t realize is how immensely powerful our minds are. Without knowing it, most of the things that we do everyday are influenced by some external force. Our experiences, our environments, our… Continue Reading