Community and Fitness

Fitness is community.

For me as a new trainer, it was difficult to find a supportive group of colleagues that were willing to share their time, expertise, mentorship and community with me.

For a long time after I began training, I felt that I had no other trainers to learn from or to talk to about my experiences. I had learned early on from a couple that were very smart, very good at what they did, but not so great at mentoring or supporting a new trainer that was very green but eager to learn. That didn’t last long. Then, I decided that I didn’t need any help or support. That I could do it all by myself. That didn’t last long either.

My professional community began to grow.  As it grew, I found that there were a lot of people in my business that wanted to help. People that easily gave their time and wisdom to me and others like me.

At the very first ever NorCal Fitness Summit, I met lots of trainers in the industry that thought and trained in a similar way as I did. This was awesome for me to discover! It changed everything for me. I finally felt that I had valuable resources that I could continue to learn from. Resources that I still learn from today.

Now, nearly 9 years after beginning, my community is still growing. Sharing each other’s successes, promoting each other’s work, supporting each other when times are tough. That’s the community of fitness. It’s not just doing workouts or getting results for our clients, or pretending that we have some magic secret that we have to keep all to our selves. No, it’s about collaborating, it’s about gaining knowledge and strength from each other every day.  It’s about leaving ego at the door and providing the best, most up to date and accurate information for our clients so that they can get strong and live long healthy lives too.

2 years ago, while going through the certification course for the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag system, I met a young trainer named Sergio (Positive High System). We paired up and worked together for most of the weekend. It was a grueling course, but Serg had an infectious enthusiasm that helped get me through it. We both passed our Clean and Press test on the first try, so that added to our enthusiasm. He went on to start up his own thriving business in South San Fransisco, and I continued in Oakland. We continued to support one another and learn from one another since then.

Sergio recently asked if I would contribute to his blog where he wanted to highlight other local trainers. Who does that in normal business? I don’t know, but in the fitness business it really is about community and supporting one another. So, he put together a blog post about me and I’m very grateful for the chance to share some of my thoughts on my training style and philosophy with his readers. Below is the link to his website and blog. Check it out!

Supporting one another is important now more than ever. Whatever your business, wherever you find your own community make sure you do your part to give to that community. It can make a world of difference for someone.

Thank you to my little community of awesome trainers and incredible athletes!


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