I’m Siriji Lamenzo

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach serving Oakland, CA 

My mission is to guide you everyday to build strength, confidence, power and better health through regular exercise and improved nutrition habits


Hi, I’m Siriji Lamenzo

I’m a certified personal trainer and weight lifting coach. My passion is to guide and aid everyday athletes toward a better quality of life. I believe that it is never too late to move better, feel better, look better and just be better.

I believe we are all athletes and that we can achieve high levels of performance no matter our exercise or sports backgrounds.

My passion is to help you move better. Movement comes first.                         If you want to build strength, lose or gain weight, have less pain, or have energy for your everyday activities, better movement comes first. 

     Movement. Mindset. Mastery

What do I mean by these words in relationship to your fitness program?

It's all about the process. Along the way, as you move more and move better, your intentions and mindset around your program will help you to find mastery of your own body.

All these elements work independently and together through your fitness journey.

One day at a time, one step at a time toward your best you to date!

     Community and Events

I lead 2 GROUP TRAINING workouts each week! Follow the links for the schedule and to sign up!

All events take place at Golden State Fitness and Performance

2011 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, CA 

Contact me today!