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Super Atomic Pushups

From time to time, I like to see if I am able to do things that seem to be terribly difficult. Last year, it was the Tough Mudder and I know that playing around on the TRX doesn’t exactly compare to the 13.5 mile brutality that was the Tough Mudder but it’s fun and challenging… Continue Reading

Injury and Pain Management Therapies

Injury and Pain Management Therapies

Most of us know to go see a doctor when you have and injury or excessive pain, but doctors aren’t always the only people we go to for relief. Non-traditional and alternative therapies for injury and pain relief and becoming more and more popular these days in America. So, what do you choose? Massage, acupuncture… Continue Reading

Let’s Eat!

As a trainer, I have to talk to clients and potential clients a lot about food. I never really gave much thought to food, except that I like to eat as often and as much as I can, until knowing about food became part of my job. I guess I should say nutrition, not food,… Continue Reading