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I’ve used myself as a guinea pig since I began my career in fitness.

I want to know how things feel. I want to experience all the things that I ask you to do for myself before I ask you to do them. I’ve tried many different modalities, tools, dietary supplements and nutrition strategies. I’ve tried High Intensity training, endurance training, Crossfit, Pilates, running and many more.

I’ve learned a ton and gotten myself certified to use various tools and programs. Doing this has helped me to better help you. I can study from books and all the training programs out there, but none of that matters if I don’t practice what I teach and what I learn.


training-with-purpose6tough-mudderI’ve found things that I like and things that I don’t like. And in my experimentations I’ve been able to fine tune m
y own training program and been able to decide what my own fitness goals are. Not too long ago, I started using barbells and lifting heavier weights. I didn’t particularly like it at first. It was really, really hard. And it was really scary. So, I didn’t give it much attention.




Then I took a course on Olympic Weightlifting and my curiosity for weightlifting peaked again. I was already getting stronger and I was finding that I was starting to have fun lifting heavier weights. I changed up my training program and I started to hit new heavy records almost weekly. Now you’ve got my attention. Not only because it was fun, but because I was starting to feel and understand what I could do with my body and my strength.

I encourage you all everyday to push yourselves, to go outside of your comfort zones, to trust the process, to constantly learn about your own body in order to continue to be better. I needed to take my own advice and go outside of my comfort zone. So, I decided I needed to start to tackle the Back Squat. I had done them before with low weight, but was afraid to go heavier. I needed to face my fears and load up the bar. So, I tried going with 95 pounds. It was hard, but it went down for about 8 reps. So, I decided to try 100 pounds. It was really hard and I was super nervous and only got 4 sloppy reps. Now, I was discouraged again.

Screw back squats, they suck.

But, I can’t have that attitude if I ask you all to bring your best to your workouts. How can I let myself give up that easily? No way. I couldn’t. So, I strategized.

I tackled my barbell Back Squat 10 days at a time adding 1 rep per day, starting at 10 reps and going to 20 reps.

I started with 65 pounds. Then did a second round with 95 pounds. Now I’m on my third round with 105 pounds.

In 6 weeks I’ve improved on every aspect of this exercise. It’s not nearly as scary, I’m starting to feel more comfortable under the weight. I’ve learned how to breathe better and keep myself focused and in control. I even tried a set with 115 pounds and made 10 reps! The video link is from today. I’m on day 5 and did 14 reps with 105 pounds. Check it out!

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My point in sharing this with you is to emphasize that progress can and will happen when you put in the time, when you focus on your goals and intentions, when you are patient and you take it one rep at a time. Literally. I believe that there is truly nothing that cannot be achieved. Whether it’s fitness related or not. Tackling your goals and intentions can happen using the same formulas.

My overall goal for myself is just to be strong and healthy. My overall goal for you is to help you learn how you can implement your strategies for long term success. But, I won’t get there without a plan and I won’t get there without putting in the work. Neither will you.

What goals and intentions do you have? How do you plan to reach your goals? What steps are you taking today?  How can I help you?






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