Exercise. An addiction?

I see and hear a lot of things being in the health and fitness industry that rub me the wrong way. I could go on for some time about it all, but I won’t.

Not today. Today, I want to talk about something that I’ve heard quite a bit. Which is, that exercise is or can become an addiction.
Here’s why this idea or phrase bugs me. The word addiction connotes something negative or harmful. In fact, the definition of the word Addiction in the dictionary states ‘the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma’
Go ahead and read that definition again.
Why would anyone think that being addicted to exercise is a good thing somehow?
I’m 100% for regular exercise, and I’m 100% sure that when we make exercise part of our daily routines, we feel good. But, addiction? No.

This is simply another unhealthy way of looking at things that are healthy and that make us feel good. How about we take that word out of the vernacular when speaking about healthy life choices, and instead we simply do what makes us feel good without the need to put any labels on it.
I enjoy exercise a lot and yes, I notice when I go too long without a good workout but it certainly does not cause me trauma. And I am by no means enslaved to it.
Please do not get sucked into things like this.

The other thing about it that irks me is that people are loosely using a word that is in fact a serious struggle for many, many people. If you have never truly known the effects of addiction, than saying you are addicted to exercise is insulting and insensitive. The least you could do is know the meaning of the words that you use, and choose your words more wisely.

Here are a few different words and phrases that could be used instead:

  •  ‘Exercise incites me to exercise more’
  •  ‘I’m impelled to exercise regularly because it makes me feel so great’
  •  ‘Exercise influences and inspires me to press ever onward’
  •  ‘Exercise is my driving force’

None of these make me cringe.

If you are truly addicted to exercise, I urge you to please seek out help. Because addiction is not a positive thing. Exercise should illicit positive, healthy life choices and habits that only make us better, stronger human beings.

        Leave it at that.

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