What does being strong mean?

what-does-being-strong-mean      I think we all have our ideas of what being strong means. It could be physical strength, the ability to overcome adversity, or being brave enough to be yourself. Strength comes in many, many forms.
What does it mean to you? Have you thought about it?

I have. And I’d like to share what I think it means to be strong.
First, I’m a personal trainer, so the physical aspect of strength is very important to me. Not only do I want to be physically strong, I want my clients to be strong as well. I encourage it and train in a manner in which they will achieve it. Still, what does that even mean? Physical strength will manifest also in many, many different ways. At the end of the day, all it really means to me is that we’re capable of moving well, that we are able to perform our daily tasks and routines without pain or incurring injury. The icing on the cake when talking about physical strength is when we find ourselves doing things we didn’t know we could do. For some it’s being able to do pull ups, for others it’s being able to lift very heavy weights.

Outside of physical training, strength for me means simply to face the world everyday without fear, without limiting my actions. To do what I want for myself without feeling that it’s not possible or that’s it’s unattainable for me. Facing my fears and learning from the experiences so that I can be a better person, a better coach and trainer, or a better friend.

What does strength mean to you? Sometimes we don’t recognize how strong we really are. As a strength coach and trainer, I see this from time to time. I also see when my clients begin to recognize their own strength and I get to see how it can empower them.
Physical strength is a great way to change perceptions and attitudes around other areas of our lives. Be strong, stay strong and thrive athletes!

                                                   Train Today to Move Tomorrow


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