Movement Matters

I talk a lot about movement and if you know me then you’ve heard me say things like “just get up and move” or “some movement is better than none”.
I speak like this with my clients because I don’t believe for a second that in order to be healthy we must spend hours on end in a gym moving heavy weights around. Don’t get me wrong, moving heavy weights around is hugely beneficial and if that’s what you like to do, please do it as much as you want.
But, it’s not for everyone. As a fitness professional, I must know this above all else. No matter what I like to do with my own body and my own training, my clients and customers are not me. Together, we will discover what you like, what you can and will do regularly and proceed from there.

movement-mattersThe first step is just that, Steps. Moving more. Moving on the floor, or standing, walking, running whatever works. Just move more. Then we can begin to move Better. Moving better, in my opinion, simply means that you begin to understand how your own body moves and you begin to build strength from the inside out, and from the ground up to improve on your movements. You may want to include weight lifting exercises with this process and you may not want to. No matter what you like or want to do with your movement and strength building, it can happen and it can happen in countless ways.

I’ve said it before, becoming stronger, moving better and being more healthy does not need to be complicated. Our bodies are extremely complicated machines and all the information that is out there is also very complicated and can be very overwhelming and confusing.

I say, simply take one step at a time. Take the time to learn what you like and what works for your body, for your mind, for your overall well being and go with that.
As a fitness professional and enthusiast, I am here to help you figure that out. Together we can find out what works for you, where you find the most joy. Health and fitness should never be a chore or an obligation. When we move well, we feel well and we’ll be well. Who doesn’t want to be well?
So, get up and move. It’s as simple as that.

                                             Train Today to Move Tomorrow


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