To Coach or To Count

All through the time that I’ve spent as a personal trainer, I’ve taken time to observe trends, to learn from other trainers, to work on finding my own style and my own methods of training and working with my clients.
Something that I’ve been reading a lot about lately, it seems to be a trendy topic, is whether I as a trainer, am I a coach or just someone putting a client through a workout routine.
This topic is important to me because I know the importance of coaching. I know that my clients, whether they know it or not, hire me to guide and coach them. If a person came to me wanting to just ‘get a workout’ I don’t think that I would work with them.
Coaching as the personal trainer takes much more than just putting a workout together for a client. I’m not talking about cheerleading, or being there simply for motivation, I’m talking about taking a client through what can often be a roller coaster of emotions when on a program designed to make long term changes. Guiding and teaching them along the way that are capable and strong.
I cannot do that if all I do is count reps, or spend my time distracted by my phone.
As a trainer and a coach, I have a responsibility to be present with my clients. All too often, I see trainers texting or doing whatever they’re doing during a training session. I would like to ask these ‘trainers’ what makes you think you deserve that client’s time, dedication and money? Our clients put much trust into us, the least we can do is give them our attention during their sessions.
That’s besides the point even though it’s an embarrassing aspect of the fitness industry.
The point is that we as trainers, I as a trainer, should hold ourselves to a higher standard. I choose to do this for myself and it pays off everyday when I can help a client feel better, when I can assuage their fears of trying something new or of simply returning to better function. That is my job as I see it. I am not just a trainer, I am a coach and I am a teacher and a source of support.

                                                    Train Today to Move Tomorrow


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