A Bit of Experimentation

a-bit-of-experimentationSo, for the next two months I’m committing myself to work on strength and muscle building in my workouts. I’m very comfortable with how I like to workout and train. I tend to stay well within my comfort zone and only push outside of it once in awhile. I recognize as a fitness professional that any muscle development that I want to see won’t happen from my current routines.

So, in an effort to stick with my commitment and to see it through, I’ve hired a trainer for the next two months. I will put my trust in him, the same way my athletes put their trust in me. I will do as I’m told to achieve my fitness goals and work outside my comfort zone during each workout.
I’m good at creating workout programs for my athletes, but pretty terrible at it for myself. I don’t particularly enjoy the more traditional weight lifting, hypertrophy training that I know works great for building muscles, adding strength gains and possibly reducing body fat percentages. So, I’m hoping that I will have success in following a program that isn’t made up by me.
Just like you, I need motivation and accountability to do this. I know I won’t do it on my own, so I will allow my trainer to guide me. I want to know that I can achieve something that I’ve always felt to be somewhat of a barrier. Putting on muscle has always been an agonizingly slow process for me. I’ve given myself every excuse as to why it doesn’t work for me from genetics to injuries. But, it’s time to stop making excuses and try another way. For me, it’s having someone else to guide me, to encourage me, to push me beyond my own perceived limitations and come what may, I will know that I stuck it out and completed it.
Tomorrow will be the start and I’m nervous and excited to go into an area that is a bit intimidating, but I also know that I’m strong and capable of training hard and will commit to my trainer’s programming without excuses.
Here’s to new adventures in 2015.

                                                      Train Today to Move Tomorrow


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