Your fitness regimen does not need to be complicated.

I’m someone that likes to keeps things simple. For the most part, anyway. I do my best to not complicate or dramatize my life. I keep my living space in order and clean, I manage my work schedule and to do list regularly to keep myself as stress free as possible. But, when it comes to teaching and passing along fitness and training information to my clients, I find myself overloading them with tips, ideas, new ways to try things etc. I can only imagine how their heads must spin sometimes when I get going.
Why would I do this? I know better than that. I suppose it’s because there is so much information to share and a sense of limited time to share it all. But, more is not always better. The more I think about this, the more I realize that less is more. Simple is better. One thing at a time, and all the parts and pieces will fit in place in time.
Because, there is time. Time to let the information sink in and take hold. Time to allow for a simple change to become habit. Time to learn all there is to learn.
I realize that no matter how much I want my clients to know what I know, they have to first-want to learn it and second-implement changes for themselves. Just as I have for myself over the years.
In fitness and exercise routines, the craze these days is pretty complicated. Lots of moves stacked together with heavy loads and time crunches. While that may suit some, it’s not the only way and sometimes, again, less really is more. Let’s not rush our progress in the weight room or anywhere. Let’s take the time to let it in, let’s learn one thing at time, try one new thing at a time and be patient with our progress. It just doesn’t need to be so complicated.
If I can do this for myself, I can do it for you and more importantly, we can do it together.

Train Today to Move Tomorrow


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