Functional Movement Screening!

fmsThis week, I became a level 1 FMS certified professional. This is a screening system for movements. In addition to the regular initial assessment that my clients go through, I will be utilizing this system for information gathering.

A few months back, I was experiencing an extraordinary amount of pain, stiffness and discomfort in muscles in my back, neck and shoulder. I went to a chiropractor and she put me through this screening. I’ve known about this for some time, but had never looked into it until after being run through the system.
I decided a few weeks ago to learn more and get certified. The information in this course and in this system is very interesting. If you are active or want to be active, doing this screen will inevitably help you to be able to train better. It’s a handful of simple tests that show how well your body moves. That’s a simple way of putting it, but essentially we’re just gathering information in an unbiased way.
Up until now, the process of assessments for my training has been simple and effective but lacking in sufficient information. In other words, things like asymmetries, compensatory movement patterns, imbalances or pain associated with movement would not always be evident until later on making the initial training programming much more general. With this screen, those things will more evident right away so I’ll be able to design a clients training program more specifically to them.
We’ll be able to focus right away on areas of imbalance or compensation and instead of unknowingly exacerbating any potential problem areas, we can train appropriately to move better.
Check out the FMS website for more information on how it works.

Train today to Move Tomorrow!


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